The Following May Not Be Suitable For Audiences Without a Sense of Humor

The Wisdom of Sheikh Ahbudi

Who is a Sheikh?

A Sheikh is the elder of a tribe. He is  much respected for his age and ability to give a heavenly  perspective on mundane matters. He may be very wealthy.

The Sheikh teaches young men,  arbitrates disputes as a judge and serves as high priest. Like the wind shapes the desert and dunes, his words blow away the deceit of  ever encroaching secular  culture. 

Hawkeye view of Americana & Religion

Sheikh Ahbudi was raised and educated in the United States. After earning a doctoral degree from Yale Divinity School he 

returned to the nomad life of his Middle Eastern ancestors. Like the other two and a half million Bedouins, he has no birth certificate or passport because they do not see countries or borders. They are nomads. If you ask him where he was born, he answers, “in a tent of course.”

Sheikh Ahbudi holds a mirror reflecting truth chose this Sheikh because he knows first hand of life in the East and life in the West;  or as he puts it, "the  life and lies in a Christian civilization and the parallels in the Sahara, the Arabian, the Negev, and the Kalahari deserts - sifted through the sands of time. 

Best at of all, Ahbudi prophesying is with jubilant, marvelous strokes of humor, irony, sarcasm and satire. 

Heavy Metal Music

Sheikh Aboudi recommends this genre and going to a Metal Concert


We do not want your filthy, fake, faithless culture.

Sheik Ahbudi on the value of women

Although he was raised and educated in the United States,  his comments may surprise you.

Camel Herd

Up close in a camel herd.     22 secs.